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Are you ready for an exciting adventure that is unlike anything else you are going to play at an online casino? Gemix, developed by Play n’Go, is one of the most unique and innovative online slots available today.

The game whisks you away to a magic kingdom where you must complete levels and collect prizes in order to move deeper into the kingdom. This slot features several exciting gameplay features, the likes of which no other slot game at Mega Casino has on offer. Boasting stunning graphics and colourful characters, Gemix is an online slot game you don’t want to miss.

Gemix Game Description

Gemix is an online slot game that inspired by mobile gaming apps. The game doesn’t have a traditional slot set-up, instead, it works like a video game, with different levels and worlds being unlocked as you progress through. Each level will provide you with different challenges, with some of them offering players the chance to win some big money prizes.

As you would expect from an online slot that draws its inspiration from games on other devices, Gemix boasts excellent graphics and it has a series of really enjoyable animations that draw you into the gameplay. The characters here are also a delight to spend time with, and you will find yourself absorbed in their story before you know it.

Gemix online slot also has an upbeat soundtrack that helps keeps your spirits high as you battle your way through the game’s many mysterious worlds, unlocking more and more prizes as you go.

How to Play Gemix Slot Online

Gemix is unlike any other online slot you are going to play. This is a game that grabs you by the hand and pulls you into a magical kingdom, one where you must complete different levels and challenges and advance in order to win prizes.

The game takes place on a 7x7 grid and instead of classic symbols, the slot has coloured gems similar to those that are often seen in some mobile gaming apps. When you manage to land certain combinations of the gems, they will disappear and more will fall down into their place, potentially creating even more combinations.

Each of the gems is worth different values, with the gold star being the most beneficial of the gems, paying out at up to 1,000 your stake depending on the size of your stake. You can check the value of any of the gems using the paytable at any point in the game.

Underneath the gems are blue squares, whenever you land a winning combination on those squares, they will turn orange. Once the whole grid has turned orange, you will be able to advance onto the next level where you will be able to win more prizes.

This isn’t all that Gemix has to offer though, the game is also full of special features to help you on your quest for riches. There is a ‘crystal charge’ bar located at the side of the screen, once you have filled this, you will be given access to one of four special bonuses.

The nova blast is a special explosion that will wipe out a lot of the symbols on the board and potentially create more winning combinations in the process. The crystal warp chooses one of the gems and changes them all to help make more combinations. The light beam transforms symbols vertically and horizontally, and finally, the chain lightning also transforms symbols just in a zig-zag pattern.

During the game, certain gems can also land in certain positions and help to wipe out rows and create winning combinations as well.

There are many worlds that you can play in in Gemix slot online and in several of them, there are little characters who will appear to help you along the way and provide you with little bonuses to help you clear your grid faster. they may also provide you with wild symbols and other special features.

Gemix is such a detailed online slot that sometimes you may just need to take a minute to relax. Thankfully, the game also boasts an auto-spin feature that you can set to take up to 50 spins a time.

Meet the Gemix Characters

Gemix Slots MegaCasino

The magical world of Gemix is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful characters. Each of the characters who occupy this world is there to help you on your quest for winnings.

Down in the mining world, you will encounter a bearded dwarf. This friendly little fella will help you out by throwing lanterns onto your reels and helping light your way to success. In another of the worlds, you will encounter a beautiful princess who will also alter the reels in an attempt to help you along the way. Finally, there is a wise old wizard who will work his magic on the reels and provide you with special symbols.

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Gemix Slot Game on Mega Casino

At Mega Casino, we want to bring our players the most innovative online slots available and there are few games that push the boundaries quite like Gemix slot online.

The game takes everything you know about traditional slots and throws it straight out of the window, immersing you in a bright and colourful kingdom that offers adventure and potential winnings in equal measure.

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